Omni Music presents the Outer Reaches EP Part 1, also featured on limited edition vinyl through bandcamp.

This first installment opens with the intelligent laid back roller from The Dicemen featuring Rob Haigh from Omni Trio as a contributor. This laid back journey allows the mind to float away into dreams as the delicate pads, serene keyboards and calm beatwork create a landscape of relaxing textures.

Cryogenics and DJ Trax up the pace with an excursion into drumfunk, featuring Becki Biggins on Sax and vocals. Together they incorporate catchy melodic hooks, funk-fuelled rhythms and hypnotic sounds that will truly have you thinking in circles, as your body loses control.

Finally, label owner Eschaton teams up with the legendary Future Engineers to present a space age journey, an ascension to the heavens above. Mixing entrancing layers of sounds and spellbinding bass hooks, this track propels you on, ascending higher and higher.
Check out Part 2, featuring 3 more incredible voyages.

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