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When artists look for inspiration and creativity in writing music, the many styles within the ever-changing boundaries of drum & bass can sound familiar. Artists who have collaborated and then formed a certain sound, birthed from scratch, and nurtured through immense excitement and growth during infancy, may feel forced to distance themselves during turbulent years. Some sounds and partnerships, however, are too strong to just let things be. 
We now enter an era that the re-joining of many involved with the magical sounds of 90’s collaborations in music, is being relished and treasured. Future Engineers are no exception.
Lee Batchelor & Keir Cleminson are Future Engineers. They may be on opposite sides of the globe these days, but such is the strength of their connection and rejuvenation with ideas, that after a 20-year hiatus, they have re-emerged with new material. 
‘Circadian’ flies you into the mysteriously lost fjords of drum and bass and finds a new landscape for today’s scene. Ancient fortresses arc over valleys of beauty, holding the last sparks of civilization, breathing jets of smouldering love into heart-aching trenches of paradise. Pulsing electro-bass stabs plant you on a course through the deep and luxurious pads, layered with meticulous harmony. 
‘Immersive’ has a cloak of darkness running through it, only squeezing more varieties of life into the production. These are the sounds of galaxies connected through space and time. The SOS signals trapped in the atmospheres of planets passed.
This is a superb welcome return for the duo. It’s been a void without hearing Future Engineers all these years. On hearing these tracks it’s clear that the strength of their music has been resuscitated in a big way!



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The return of the label and new music

The Transference relaunch in 2022 sees the latest release showcasing the outputs from the Future Engineers online Production Sessions.

The sessions have evolved into two collectives operating remotely and in different timezones, each working to deliver brand new pieces of forward-thinking atmospheric drum & bass.

The relaunch also sees the return of Keir Cleminson to the studio, and the duo are set to release new music together for the first time in 20 years.



From the Western Hemisphere, Re:frame’s ‘Recall’ infuses deep ethereal pads and atmospheric soundscapes with an infectious, melodic bassline, driven forward progressively along with crystalline breaks and snarling mids.

‘Soul Ascending’ hails from the East, an uplifting slice of future funk from Audio Syndicate. This is a track that gets down to business quickly with its rolling beats and bass grooving menacingly with dark tones and soothing vocal hooks.

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Join our producer network

The aim of the Production Sessions is to take the group through the experience of writing and producing a drum and bass track from start to end, with the finished music being released on Transference.

The sessions give producers of all levels of experience the chance to join a network of like-minded producers who are looking to take their production to the next level.

It’s an interactive experience that allows the group to engage directly with each other and provide in-the-moment feedback.

Members can experiment with the sounds, apply new techniques they’ve learned and contribute to the direction and sound of the track.

“My goal is to empower a new wave of Atmospheric drum and bass producers, helping them take their production to a new level”.
Lee Batchelor, Future Engineers.





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