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Whether you’re an experienced producer with releases under your belt, or just starting out and finding your feet in the studio, we believe the Production Sessions is a great opportunity for you to become part of an ever-growing online community of like-minded producers, seeking to learn and support each other as a collective, to help take your production skills to the next level and accelerate your sucess as a music producer.

“With my experience as a trainer and a coach, the Production Sessions are a perfect way for me to teach people something I’m really passionate about, which is music production”.

Lee Batchelor, Future Engineers

It is important that the Production Sessions are the right fit for you, so before going into the full details of the program, let's confirm who the sessions are right for… 

•  You are looking to take your production to the next level but are not sure where to start
•  You enjoy learning new production techniques but are unsure if you’re doing it correctly in the context of your own music
•  You like to connect with people in a community whose opinion you trust, to gain constructive feedback on your music
•  You have good ideas but struggle to turn them into anything more than a 16-bar loop and finish a song
•  You are unsure of which workflow to use to reach consistent results with your production and mixdowns
•  You struggle to get your production to sound like the artists you like and the music you buy and play

If any of the above resonates with you, we believe the Production Sessions will benefit your development as a music producer. Let's take a look at the program in more detail...


My goal is to empower a new wave of Atmospheric drum and bass producers, helping them take their production to a new level.

Lee Batchelor, Future Engineers


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Program Overview

The Production Sessions take you through the experience of writing and producing a drum and bass track from start to finish, with the completed track being released on Future Engineers’ own label, Transference.

Live on Zoom

•  2-hour session held monthly live on Zoom
• The live nature of the sessions allows you to participate and ask questions in the context of real-life examples
•  You can provide feedback and learn about music production in an engaging way


Bring your own sounds to the mix

In the first session, you can bring your own sounds and samples and the group will decide as a collective, which sounds will form the initial building blocks for the song.

At the end of each session, you will receive audio stems which will allow you to:

•  Experiment with the sounds in your own time
• Try out new techniques you’ve learned in the session
•  Add your own sounds into the mix
•  Send your ideas back to the group for feedback
•  Contribute to the direction and sound of the track


Build your knowledge throughout the process

The program will cover and is not limited to the following areas:

•  Sourcing samples, sounds, and inspiration
•  Sample organisation, workflow, and templates
•  Idea creation, arranging, and song structure
•  Drum programming, layering, and processing
•  Bass design and layering
•  Creating depth with pad layering and atmospherics 
•  Sound design and sound development
•  Transitions and progression
•  Buss processing
•  Mixdown and pre-master preparation
•  Master buss processing 
•  Referencing

See the music released on Transference

At the end of the program, the finished track will be released on Transference as part of the Production Sessions series.

Join us on Patreon

Production Sessions is managed through our Patreon and as a Patreon member, you will also receive additional benefits depending on which tier you choose. 

Our Patreon tiers have been designed to meet the needs of different learning styles. Whether you like to learn at your own pace, or you’d prefer to engage with our producer community live on Zoom, there’s an option that will suit everyone’s schedule.

Learn more about the different Patreon tier benefits here.


What will I gain from the program?

By the end of the program, you will:

•  Become part of a community of like-minded producers who learn as a collective and support each other on their production journey
•  Share your ideas and receive constructive feedback on your music from people whose opinions you have grown to trust
•  Have a 'tried a tested' workflow for creating consistent results with your production
•  Feel more confident in turning your ideas into finished tracks
•  Learn up-to-date production techniques used to achieve loud mixdowns which compete with modern electronic music



The focus is on modern Atmospheric drum and bass, but the techniques covered will apply to all forms of electronic music.

Lee Batchelor, Future Engineers


If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey as a music producer and would like to join the Production Sessions, visit our Patreon page and select the Patreon tier that best suits you. 

Look forward to seeing you inside...

Lee Batchelor / Future Engineers


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"I’ve admired Lee Batchelor’s music production for many years now, I even signed some of his Future Engineers tracks to my 720 Degrees label. Lee is always at the cutting edge of music creation, with the highest level of sound design and production values out there. The sessions are a phenomenal way for any artist, new or experienced, to up their game and reach new levels with their music production."

Blame – Moving Shadow, Good Looking, 720 Degrees, Over/Shadow, Violet Nights Recordings

"I’ve absolutely loved the Future Engineers Production Sessions. I’ve picked up a lot of techniques from them which I’ve incorporated into my recent productions: workflow, ambience tricks, controlling the dynamics of ambience, progression tricks such as evolving baselines and many more. The open group for discussion is great too, highly recommended!"

Andy James (Coda) – Charge Recordings, 31 Recordings, Natty Dub Recordings

"I’ve been making music for many years but participating in the Future Engineers Production Sessions has helped take my production skills to a whole new level, making me feel more confident about putting into practice the knowledge that I already had. I come away from each friendly and engaging session with renewed inspiration to create".

Graham Fisken (Lucida)  – Timeless Recordings, Violet Nights Recordings

"I have learned more from Lee in the first few sessions than I have in the previous two decades. The group itself is extremely welcoming and it’s a fantastic environment to learn. You also have access to the Future Engineers Discord to ask for help and advice, track feedback, and tips and tricks".

Dan Hicks (Azimuth)  – Atmospheals, SenZeru, Okbron

"Lee's production sessions have provided a fun and inspiring environment in which I've been able to query, scrutinise and grasp specific areas of contemporary music production I previously found challenging. The process of unpacking, demystifying, and deliberating approaches to topics such as gain staging, referencing, and mix-bus processing within the context of a commercial release in the making, has been incredibly worthwhile and pertinent to my own work regardless of genre."

Patrick Collins  – Media Composer


I heard about Lee's production sessions after he already had a group of people and had been working on the first track together with them. It's a no-brainer for me, looking back if I knew earlier I would have joined from the start. I have personally never had a shortage of ideas for my tracks but I heavily struggled with the rest of the production process, mixdown, making your track sound good, and preparing it for release. I feel like I have learned tons in the past year, and my tracks definitely sound better thanks to all knowledge that Lee has transferred to us".

Robert Kondrat (Woken Balance) - Omni Music, Metius Music


“The way production techniques are explained and demonstrated is very well done and helpful. I’ve benefited greatly from the feedback provided by the group on my own productions.

Al Wilson (Trident) Omni Music, Code Name: RCRDS


"The production sessions are live, real-time meetings. So not only do I have a chance to learn from Lee's comprehensive music production knowledge and experience that he shares during the production sessions, but I also have the opportunity to do so *interactively*. This means that I have a chance to participate, ask questions, and learn about music production in an incredibly meaningful way!".

Jacob Bell - Production Sessions member


"The sessions have helped cement my core skills, building a foundation for better-sounding mixes. The group is an awesome bunch of like-minded individuals, sharing their knowledge, growth, and passion for the music we all love".

Den Donovan - Production Sessions member


“The group has been a comforting experience on many levels. A mix of cheeky banter, stories from the golden era, connection with a group of people with similar passions, and incredible production talents to be inspired by. I’ve learned so much about mixing, layering of sounds, effects, sample matching, and the challenges of refining a track all the way from initial conception to public release. I feel like I’m building strong foundations for a whole range of music production beyond drum and bass”.

Jason MesutProduction Sessions member

“Future Engineers wrote some of the most unique songs in the early days of drum and bass that inspired me from a young age. I’ve really enjoyed getting an insight into their workflow and sound creation in these sessions, along with anecdotes about the earlier days of production. I’ve really enjoyed getting an insight into the Future Engineers workflow”.

Dan O’ReillyProduction Sessions member


"Being a part of the group has encouraged me to work on my production skills on a regular basis and contribute my sounds to tracks of a high standard, ready for release. The monthly sessions are engaging and the group members are always friendly and supportive of one another. I highly recommend the Production Sessions to anyone looking to learn more about creating music or developing their existing skills”.

Daniel DwyerProduction Sessions member


"Since joining the group, I have learned so much from seeing and discussing the end-to-end process of creating a modern-day, professional drum and bass track. I've been very impressed by Lee's depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to explain the occasionally complex, technical areas of music production in a clear and concise way. It also helps that Lee is very personable and patient!"

Wayne JosephProduction Sessions member


"The Productions Sessions group support has been invaluable in getting me back up to speed. The members are friendly and willing to help and share on a personal level. It's a great environment from the first session, it just felt comfortable".

Chris English - Production Sessions member


Production Sessions-1-TO-1-Artwork-04-BANNER

If you would like a more personalised experience that offers individual support, you can also opt for 1-2-1 tuition to help improve your music production skills.

1-2-1 tuition can help you to:

•  Identify your own strengths and key focus areas
•  Build an individual learning plan that focuses on your own specific needs
•  Work together to reach your end goal

As a member of Production Sessions through Patreon, you will receive a discounted rate. Alternatively, tuition is still available for non-Patreons at a higher rate.

If you are interested in discussing the benefits that 1-2-1 tuition can provide, please complete a registration form with no obligation.





When are the live Zoom sessions?

The live Zoom sessions run on the second Saturday of the month at the following times:

Group 1: 10am - 12pm AEST

Group 2: 9pm - 11pm GMT

Once you join you will be able to pick one session depending on your timezone.

How do I join the Production Sessions? 

The Production Sessions is managed through Patreon, and as a Patreon member, you will also receive additional benefits depending on which Patreon tier you choose. See Patreon for full details here.

You can cancel your Patreon subscription at any time and if after the first session, you feel it is not right for you, you will receive a full refund.

What if I can’t attend every session? 

Each month you will also receive a recording of the session to download and watch at your convenience. Therefore, if you miss a session you can catch up by watching the video and ask questions at any time through our Discord. 

You can also join the Production Sessions Patreon tier 1 option, where you will only receive the session recordings and there is no obligation to attend live on Zoom.

Can I still join the group if I miss the start date?

You can still join the group if the track has already started. There are video recordings of each session, and you will be given access to all previous videos.

Alternatively, you may prefer to wait and join the group from the start of a new track, as this will ensure that you gain as much exposure as possible to each concept and production technique as it’s introduced during the natural progression of the track.

How long is the program?

Due to the nature of track writing and music production, there is no fixed time period for the program. Some tracks come together quicker than others, with some needing more time to develop and fine-tune. The average length of the program so far has been 12 months, but this will vary on a track-by-track basis.

I don’t use Logic; will I still be able to follow the sessions?

Although Logic is our digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice, the concepts and techniques covered throughout the program are not DAW-specific. Many people in the group use Ableton, Cubase, and Reason.

There are only a few plugins used that are native to Logic. The majority are third party and there will often be equivalents available in your DAW of choice. 

I am a beginner in music production; will the program be too advanced?

Although a general foundation knowledge of some production principles would be advantageous, you will be gradually introduced to each concept and technique as you progress through the program. You can ask questions at any time and experience your learning in the context of working examples.

I produce music other than drum and bass; will the program still be relevant?

Whilst the music we create in the group so far has been exclusively drum and bass, the concepts and production techniques that are taught will apply to all forms of electronic music. Many of the group members produce other genres of music too.

What happens when the track is finished? 

Once the track is finished and has been released on Transference, the group will then begin a new track and the process will start again from the beginning. You will naturally remain in the group unless you opt to leave. A lot of the Production Sessions members have been in the group from the beginning, since the creation of series 1, and continue to remain involved to maintain connections with each other and to further their skills and knowledge, as each new track will present its own unique circumstances and challenges to overcome.

Do you also provide 1-2-1 tuition?

Yes, I also offer a discount on 1-2-1 tuition to all Patreon members. Some people enjoy learning in a group environment but also want personalised coaching based on their individual goals.

What if I decide the program is not right for me?

You can cancel your Patreon subscription at any time and if after the first session, you feel it is not right for you, you will receive a full refund.


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If you want a taste of what to expect in the Production Sessions, why not chat with other producers in the Facebook group

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