If that’s your goal, the Production Sessions are the place for you.

Whether you’ve just started production or have been in the game a while, you’re sure to get something out of them.

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Future Engineers have been producing music for 24 years, predominantly releasing atmospheric style drum and bass in the late 90s to mid-2000 on labels such as LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records, 720 Degrees, Renegade Recordings, Partisan and Vibez Recordings.

In recent years, Lee from Future Engineers has also released music on labels such as Camino Blue, Kos.Mos.Music, Scientific Records, Plasma Audio and Future Engineers own label, Transference.

“With my experience as a trainer and a coach, the Production Sessions are a perfect way for me to teach people something I’m really passionate about, which is music production”.

Lee Batchelor, Future Engineers


  The Production Sessions take you through the experience of writing and producing a drum and bass track from start to finish, with the track being released on Future Engineers label, Transference
•  The sessions give producers of all levels of experience the chance to join a network of like-minded producers who are looking to take their production to the next level

“The focus is on modern Atmospheric drum and bass, but the techniques covered will apply to all forms of electronic music”

Lee Batchelor, Future Engineers


 The sessions are hosted live on Zoom and this provides:
•  An interactive experience that allows the group to engage directly with each other and provide in the moment feedback
•  At the start of the process, all members can submit samples to be considered for the project

•  Place numbers are limited to ensure the interaction quality between members is maintained

 At the end of every session, all members receive audio stems from the project which allows them to:
•  Experiment with the sounds in their own time

•  Apply new techniques learned in the session
•  Submit their ideas back to the group through the Discord community
•  Contribute to the direction and sound of the track


My goal is to empower a new wave of Atmospheric drum and bass producers, helping them take their production to a new level.

Lee Batchelor, Future Engineers



•  The two-hour sessions are held once a month, will last a minimum of 6 months, and will run until the track is finished
•  Once the track is complete, the process will start again from the beginning, with the option for members to continue on to the next track

The sessions will cover but are not limited to the following areas:
•  Sourcing samples, sounds, and inspiration

•  Sample organisation, workflow, and templates
•  Idea creation, arranging, and structure
•  Drum programming, layering, and processing
•  Bass design and layering
•  Creating depth with pad layering and atmospherics 
•  Sound design and sound development
•  Transitions and progression
•  Bus processing
•  Pre-master preparation
•  Master bus
•  Referencing


"I’ve admired Lee Batchelor’s music production for many years now, I even signed some of his Future Engineers tracks to my 720 Degrees label. Lee is always at the cutting edge of music creation, with the highest level of sound design and production values out there. The sessions are a phenomenal way for any artist, new or experienced, to up their game and reach new levels with their music production."

Blame – Moving Shadow, Good Looking, 720 Degrees, Over/Shadow, Violet Nights

"I’ve absolutely loved the Future Engineers Production Sessions. I’ve picked up a lot of techniques from them which I’ve incorporated into my recent productions: workflow, ambience tricks, controlling the dynamics of ambience, progression tricks such as evolving baselines and many more. The open group for discussion is great too, highly recommended!"

Andy James (Coda) – Charge Recordings, 31 Recordings, Natty Dub Recordings

"I’ve been making music for many years but participating in Lee’s Future Engineers sessions have helped take my production skills to a whole new level, making me feel more confident about putting into practice the knowledge that I already had. I come away from each friendly and engaging session with renewed inspiration to create."

Graham Fisken (Lucida)  – Timeless Recordings, Violet Nights

"I have learned more from Lee in the first few sessions than I have in the previous two decades. The group itself is extremely welcoming and it’s a fantastic environment to learn. You also have access to the Future Engineers Discord server to ask for help and advice, track feedback and tips and tricks. I’m proud to be part of the FE workshop family"

Dan Hicks (Azimuth)  – Atmospheals, SenZeru, Okbron

"Lee's production sessions have provided a fun and inspiring environment in which I've been able to query, scrutinise and grasp specific areas of contemporary music production I previously found challenging. The process of unpacking, demystifying, and deliberating approaches to topics such as gain staging, referencing, and mix-bus processing within the context of a commercial release in the making, has been incredibly worthwhile and pertinent to my own work regardless of genre."

Patrick Collins  – Media Composer


If you want a taste of what is covered in the sessions, why not chat with other producers in the Facebook group

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