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Virtual Production Sessions

The objective of the monthly Virtual Production Sessions is to give producers of all levels of experience, the opportunity to join a network of like minded producers who are looking to take their production skills to the next level. The format of the sessions provide a more interactive and hands-on approach, allowing members to engage with each other during the session, provide feedback and have the chance to experiment with the sounds we create in their own time. Therefore, applying their new knowledge and contributing towards the overall direction and sound of the project.

Session Overview:

1. Participants provide samples prior to the session (when starting a new project)
2. I will start writing the track with input and feedback from the group
3. At the end of the session all participants will have access to the stems/samples
4. During the month each participant can experiment with the sounds to create their own ideas, these can be submitted back to the group and potentially used in the next session.
5. The aim is to write and finish a track as a collective, allowing participants to have more hands on experience at the different stages of the writing and producing process
6. All music created in the sessions will be considered for release on Transference


Radicall – Allure EP [Out Now!] Includes remixes
by Future Engineers
& Dauntless

Release date: 2018-08-10

Record label: Transference Recordings

The ‘Allure EP’ by Radicall, showcases a thoughtful blend of lush, tough and techy drum and bass.

Hailing from Poland, Radicall has an ever growing catalogue of releases, including Absys Records, Kos.Mos.Music, Offworld Recordings and a prior appearance on Transference.

Complementing the EP is a Future Engineers remix of the title track, twisting things dark and funky, whilst Dauntless delivers a heavy, rolling, and craftily soundscaped take on ‘Forget’.


Dauntless – Second Wind / Knife Edge

Release date: 2018-05-11

Record label: Transference Recordings

The next offering on Transference Recordings takes a slightly harder edged approach than previous releases, courtesy of Sydney based drum and bass producer Dauntless.

With releases on Invisible, Dispatch, Commercial Suicide and Critical already under his belt, Dauntless now transmits his highly energised style to Transference with these two deep structured and dance floor friendly tech funk stompers!


Future Engineers@CERN_Spirit House EP Launch_Grumpys_30/09/17

Recorded live at the CERN – Spirit House EP Launch – Grumpys Melbourne on 30th September 2017.


Naibu – Case Study Remix EP – OUT NOW! (Transparent Red 12” Vinyl)

Release date: 2017-09-15

Record label: Scientific Records

Naibu – Case Study Remix EP – OUT NOW! (Transparent Red 12” Vinyl). Includes remixes by Seba, Bungle, Future Engineers and Hiddenwave.

Buy link:


CERN & Future Engineers @Spirit House EP Launch, Grumpys 30/09/17

Enigma Sound and The Tech Collective are back to bring you Cern, with the launch of his latest Dispatch Recordings release – Spirit House EP…

Support from:
– Future Engineers
– Undefined
– Coalessence

Hosted by MC Pab


Future Engineers @Elements Festival, Queensland, 15.09.17


(sci)023 - Techmosphere .02 LP

Thanks to DrumNBass for supporting “Northern Lights” remix [Vinyl Out Now!]

(sci)023 - Techmosphere .02 LP

Techmosphere 02 LP – Scientific Records [Vinyl Out Now!]

Release date: 2017-06-30

Record label: Scientific Records

The 23rd release on Scientific is the second part of the Techmosphere series. To give you some idea of what to expect, the term “techmospherics” was used by ASC to describe the sound he was pushing back in the days of the infamous Covert Operations label. It’s all about the classic sound of the more techy side of atmospheric drum & bass, and the series aims to expose the present take on this legendary style.

The album will take you on an exciting journey through a very rich palette of various hues of atmospheric drum & bass. This astral ride will come with a range of attractions, including Bungle’s dreamlike breakbeat-oriented “Forgiven”, Future Engineers’ powerful rolling remix of Mav’s “Northern Lights”, Deskai’s quick-paced and underwater-like “Earth”, or Parhelia’s “Is this a Hologram” packed with strong percussion programming, deep bassline and fairy-tale background features.

You will also come across some lighter accents here and there, featured in the form of Eugenics Eight’s subtle roller entitled “Flowers”, Seathasky’s vocal and guitar sample driven “Clarity”, or Thesis’ relaxing “Renaissance”.

“Techmosphere .02” offers some exploration of the deeper and more experimental side of the techmospheric shade of d’n’b as well. Sit back and let yourself be taken for a smooth ride accompanied by Radicall’s deep, progressive “Darkroom”, or stimulate your mind listening to Operon’s slightly leftield-ish broken-structured “The Machine”, or two tracks paying an excellent tribute to the atmo-jungle era: “Love and the Devil” by Fushara and “Gyroscope” by Entama.

All in all, the content of the album is a perfect treat for all those who have remained fond of the gentler, less dancefloor-oriented, but still exciting and energy-packed kind of drum & bass – one ideal for a longer car ride, but also for a way longer space travel.

Release format: 12” Vinyl + Digital


Future Engineers @Tectonic, The Sub Club, Melbourne, 24.06.17

Oscillate Bass and The Tech Collective join forces again to bring you a night of wicked heavyweight dnb and jungle selections.
This is tectonic….version 3.0

MONKEE (Twisted Audio)
KYMAERA (Oscillate)
D GEN (Free Dope)
UNDEFINED (The Tech Collective)