Virtual Production Sessions

The objective of the monthly Virtual Production Sessions is to give producers of all levels of experience, the opportunity to join a network of like minded producers who are looking to take their production skills to the next level. The format of the sessions provide a more interactive and hands-on approach, allowing members to engage with each other during the session, provide feedback and have the chance to experiment with the sounds we create in their own time. Therefore, applying their new knowledge and contributing towards the overall direction and sound of the project.

Session Overview:

1. Participants provide samples prior to the session (when starting a new project)
2. I will start writing the track with input and feedback from the group
3. At the end of the session all participants will have access to the stems/samples
4. During the month each participant can experiment with the sounds to create their own ideas, these can be submitted back to the group and potentially used in the next session.
5. The aim is to write and finish a track as a collective, allowing participants to have more hands on experience at the different stages of the writing and producing process
6. All music created in the sessions will be considered for release on Transference